The Band

From the garage to the stage

The Band:

Jeff (Vocals) is a recorded artist in several bands. He plays guitar, bass, and sings. Jeff loves to perform and the crowd responds to him. He is a powerful singer and experienced musician.

Waylen (Drums) has experience behind the drums for many years. As the newest member of Rougarou, he has been in a band prior with both Jeff and Bräker. His experience in multiple genres brings a new strength to the song writing experience of Rougarou.

Robbie (Bass) plays guitar, bass, and sings. He has stage experience with other bands. Robbie is a committed musician that always wants to give the best show to the crowd. This guy has even played a show with his bass strap broken and he supported the bridge with his pinky the entire show!

Jason (guitar) has appeared on albums with our singer prior to Rougarou. His creative touch to music has not only been a great addition to the band as it performs today, but also has added new sound to some of the original songs written by the band.

Bräker (guitar) has been in several bands. He plays guitar and does backing vocals for the band. Bräker's passion is to create original music. He has been in several bands and performing on stage is always a high. Contributing as a guitar player, backing vocals, and band manger is just a little of what he does.

Rougarou has been carefully brought together and each member is a valuable asset to the whole. Each member uses their many talents to bring value to the group. Rougarou is proud to write and perform their music for others to enjoy.

Rougarou was established in West Point, Utah in the fall of 2016.

What is a Rougarou?


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